Financial Independence Six Months of From One Geek to Another

Six Months of From One Geek to Another

Hello FOGTA Readers,

From One Geek to Another is officially over six months old!!! I started this blog back in July with not many expectations aside from writing about FIRE. Beyond that, I didn’t have a goal. I didn’t expect to have too many people reading this and I certainly never expected to be on Twitter connecting with other bloggers.

Hell, I was doing Highlander reviews when I first started; those are probably not going to get finished honestly. Will be keeping them up though. Maybe I’ll get back to it one day.

Blogging has turned out to be a very fulfilling hobby of mine. I finally get to try my hand at writing and connect with people online that I wouldn’t have never met otherwise. I’ve been more excited for my blog milestones that about my job milestones, and I think that says a lot.

Here are my highlights of the last six months. This is both for From One Geek to Another and for the my journey.

Highlights of the Last Six Months

Paying Off All Non-Mortgage Debt

We paid off $23,315 of debt last year. That is between paying off our car in July and the improvement loan in December. Paying these off has been an enormous weight off our shoulders, and we are thrilled that we don’t have to worry about these anymore.

Now to take on the mortgage.

Got Featured on Camp Fire Finance in December & Rockstar Finance in January

I was not expecting either of these and was ridiculously happy to wake up to both of them. I never submitted the posts to either, so I guess they found them on twitter. Both features brought a ton of traffic to the blog. The Rockstar feature alone accounts for over 65% of the traffic FOGTA has ever received.

This has been great and I am looking forward to more features and, potentially, guest posts in the future. 🙂


Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected twitter to be a highlight, but here we are. I got to virtually meet some of the coolest people and read about their lives and their financial journeys. It has been fantastic.

My Top Five so far have been:

  1. A Purple Life
  2. Simplistic Steph
  3. Financial Mechanic
  4. Fire-ish
  5. New Millennial Investor

There are plenty more that I look at, but these have been the ones I read the most. Their personalities shine through when they write, and it’s excellent. Check them out. 🙂

Comments on Posts

I absolutely love it when people comment on posts. I mean LOVE it. Whether you liked it or hated it, taking the time to comment means significantly more than I ever thought it would.

One example, on the way to the cruise in October, I got a comment on a post. That was the highlight of my day. Not going on the cruise or being off work. That one comment. Not sure what that says about me, but I was thrilled. It made me want to write a million more posts.

I expected that eventually, people would see the blog, but, for some reason, I never expected the comments. Comments still one of the highlights of my day, and I thank everyone who has ever commented on FOGTA.

What’s Next?

I am definitely not going anywhere. My goal is a post a week/52 posts this year. I am behind by one right now, but I will be catching up shortly.

Plus, I am trying to get out of my shell and look into doing at least three guest posts within the next six months; this includes any type of collaboration with another blogger.

I am also going to be doing a re-design of FOGTA in the future and getting a logo. Will make it more official. 🙂

Thank you so much for being a FOGTA reader. It means more than you will ever know. I am looking forward to plenty more six month blogiversaries in the future.

Until next time!


11 thoughts on “Six Months of From One Geek to Another”

  1. APurpleLife says:

    Oh hello 😃. Congratulations on 6 months blogging! You’ve made it through the ‘darkest trenches’ (or so people tell me). I’m totally with you on comments making a day and seeing my name on your list of blogs you enjoy just made mine! Also let me know if you want an accountability partner for 1 post/week. That’s my goal too! Looking forward to many more anniversaries!

    1. G says:

      Hiya. Happy I made your day! 😃 I am on board for being accountability partners.
      Thank you for reading!

  2. radicalfire8 says:

    Well done, very good job! The goals you have are great, so keep up the good work 🙂 love reading your posts!
    Plus, guest posting is also a goal of mine, so if you want we can partner up in the future!

    1. G says:

      Hiya! I am totally on board for guest posts in the future. 🙂
      Thank you for reading!

  3. Congratulations! With my interaction with you recently, I know you are not going anywhere. Rockstar is big. Still covering that someday. We are one month behind you. Let’s get to that 2 year mark . Apparently, things smoothens out more at that time if we make it to that.
    Keep up the awesome job. It was a pleasure featuring you on our site as a debt slaying ninja.

    1. G says:

      Hi Dr.BEF. Thank you for featuring me! Looking forward to reading more in the “Get Out of Debt” series.
      Thank you for reading!

  4. Chase says:

    You’re rocking it!! Looking forward to following along 🙂

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